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We develop customized software solutions according to customer needs

We create customized software that maps your processes and meets even the most demanding requirements. Whether you are interested in a CRM system, an ERP system, your own SAP, or any production application. We will design and implement measures regarding the cyber and functional security of the company.

Comprehensive professional services

DevOps development environment

We make business more efficient

Cybersecurity analysis

State-of-the-art technologies

SW applications for Slovak and foreign markets

We will create applications exactly according to your needs.

Software solutions

We specialize in developing software solutions that correspond exactly to your individual needs. With our innovative and scalable software solutions, you will not only achieve a seamless operation, but also a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing world of technology.

Tailor-made solutions

Your business is unique, so what works for another company may not work for yours. Years of experience have convinced us that it is impossible to meet our clients demands with a box solution. That`s why each of our work is exceptional and tailored to the customer`s requirements.

We provide comprehensive professional services

We implement all phases of the life cycle in the process of SW development and delivery of HW solutions as well as consulting and analytical activities in the field of architecture and design of complex information systems. We employ top professionals with 20 years of experience. We are available to you daily and solve any problems immediately.

We will make your business more efficient

We will make your administration easier, your business processes faster and you can focus on your business. We bring your ideas to life and turn them into innovative mobile and web solutions that help you succeed.

Development and security

ZEXON uses DevOps software development methodology in its work. It is a combination of Dev (development) and Ops (operations). The goal of DevOps is to deliver high-quality software faster and more reliably by removing barriers between development and operations teams.

Faster time to market

By delivering software more frequently and reliably, organizations can bring new features and products to market faster.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Automation and collaboration between teams leads to more efficient processes and increased productivity.

Increased customer satisfaction

With faster and higher quality software delivery, customers will be more satisfied with the product.

Improved quality and reliability

DevOps practices help catch and fix problems earlier in the development cycle, leading to higher quality and more reliable SW.

Development through DevOps

Why does DevOps matter? Puppet conducted a comparison of IT companies that apply DevOps and the survey resulted in the following facts:

  • Companies spend up to 22% less time on unplanned work or reworking finished items. As a result, they can spend up to 29% more time on new work (new features, enhancements, …).
  • Companies spend 55% less time on fixing security-related issues.
  • With more application deployments (multiple times per day), they can achieve greater performance and ensure faster response to market/customer demands.

Plan (mapping requirements, creating a plan and tasks to implement)15%
Code (programming and code modification)30%
Build (building all code)45%
Test (complete pre-testing)60%
Release & Deploy (application deployment)75%
Operate (using the application)90%
Monitoring (performance/deficiency analysis, infrastructure optimization)100%

Cybersecurity Analysis

Cyberspace has become a new environment where IT systems meet attackers without boundaries or rules. Incorrectly configured equipment or misuse of data can lead to irreversible consequences in the form of high financial losses or damage to your company`s reputation. We professionally map how is your company protected from cyber-attacks. We will design and implement measures adequate to support the cyber and functional security of the company.

We have conducted cybersecurity audits and follow-ups at several healthcare facilities to customer satisfaction. We provide:

Comprehensive coverage of security requirements in the field of IT and OT, SCADA/ICS systems.
Design of measures and services based on ISO 27000, IEC 62443, GDPR standards
All solutions are compliant with the Cyber Security Act
Optimization of costs spent on cybersecurity.
Security monitoring for IT/IIoT, automatic detection and real-time risk management.
Security system administration, we have the know-how and all the necessary certifications.
Cybersecurity audits and assessments.

We focus on the Slovak and foreign market

We can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers from Slovakia and abroad.


For an American company we developed a software solution based on their methodology - a complex CRM system with an emphasis on efficient management, with API connection to Google, payment and sms gateways as well as SAP. The system includes comprehensive management and clear graphical display of costing of human, financial as well as time resources across projects or the entire company for efficient management.

„It was really great working with you and your team and I want to thank you as well for the great service that you and your organization have provided us over the past few years that went a far way in helping us stabilize our company. Once again, thank you for the great work and support“!

Pravine Balkaran
Global Vice President of IT OPS & Infosec SPINMASTER