About Us

ZEXON: Innovators with a vision for the future of your business.

Our specialization

The company ZEXON s.r.o. focuses on the development and delivery of software solutions for various market segments. We also specialize in the field of healthcare, where we have successfully established several products. We develop innovative solutions according to the requirements of our clients and complex information systems for small and large companies across the market spectrum. We provide outsourcing of IT services for companies that do not have their own IT team or want to optimize the company`s infrastructure or reduce the costs of these services. We also offer the creation of interactive websites for companies that want to innovate or create their website. The portfolio of our services also includes the creation of e-shops tailored to your requirements.

Our mission

The main mission of ZEXON is to help our customers to be better than their competition thanks to the most modern technologies. Over the years of operating on the market, we have delivered a number of innovative SW and HW solutions and services to even the most demanding clients.

Top team of experts

The company has a professional and trained team of programmers, administrators, analysts and project managers who have 20 years of experience with the latest IT technologies based on modern solutions.

Orientation to the client

We deeply analyze the requirements and expectations of our clients. We are building a sustainable partnership based on mutual trust. We always communicate with our customers in a friendly and professional manner. Our goal is to be a strong and reliable partner.

Orientation to Slovakia and abroad

You can find our solutions in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad.

Cyber security

We guarantee the security of data and information by using available technologies with the most modern security elements.


We comply with all legal regulations, statutory standards and contractual provisions. We prevent situations that may lead to a conflict of interests.

The technologies we work with

PHP - Laravel, Symfony, Nette, Vue, React, Angular
Java - Spring,Angular, React, AJAX Javascript, Hibernate
C# - Entity Framework, Angular, React
Databases - MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostGIS
Node.js - RabbitMQ
Mobilné - Ionic, Expo

Technologies PHP, Laravel, React, C#, Node.js

We use AI in our work

Working with AI (artificial intelligence)
AI helps us use our working time more efficiently. Data evaluation using AI takes place in a fraction of the time, it also helps in solving complex problems or analysing large files and data. The integration of AI into our company moves us further, we can provide more effective solutions for our customers, which contributes to their overall satisfaction.

We develop 2D and 3D photos using AI

Analysis of 2D and 3D photos
using AI

Using AI to measure, compare and evaluate data. Use for face recognition, vehicles, or in medicine for X-ray images, scans of feet, children`s heads and spines for analysis, 3D evaluation, or comparison of treatment results.

Reliability and flexibility

We provide timely feedback to our customers and adhere to agreed deadlines. We respond flexibly to customer requirements. We are a reliable partner in the field of effective information transfer. Depending on the customer`s needs, we provide comprehensive service and system management in the contractual SLA 8/5 or 24/7.




Price offer

Development and security

ZEXON uses DevOps software development methodology in its work. It is a combination of Dev (development) and Ops (operations). The goal of DevOps is to deliver high-quality software faster and more reliably by removing barriers between development and operations teams.

Faster time to market

By delivering software more frequently and reliably, organizations can bring new features and products to market faster.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Automation and collaboration between teams leads to more efficient processes and increased productivity.

Increased customer satisfaction

With faster and higher quality software delivery, customers will be more satisfied with the product.

Improved quality and reliability

DevOps practices help catch and fix problems earlier in the development cycle, leading to higher quality and more reliable SW.

Development through DevOps

Why does DevOps matter? Puppet conducted a comparison of IT companies that apply DevOps and the survey resulted in the following facts:

  • Companies spend up to 22% less time on unplanned work or reworking finished items. As a result, they can spend up to 29% more time on new work (new features, enhancements, …).
  • Companies spend 55% less time on fixing security-related issues.
  • With more application deployments (multiple times per day), they can achieve greater performance and ensure faster response to market/customer demands.

Plan (mapping requirements, creating a plan and tasks to implement)15%
Code (programming and code modification)30%
Build (building all code)45%
Test (complete pre-testing)60%
Release & Deploy (application deployment)75%
Operate (using the application)90%
Monitoring (performance/deficiency analysis, infrastructure optimization)100%

A tailor-made solution

To propose a suitable software or hardware solution, we need to get to know your needs as well as possible. We implement each project individually based on professional analysis and your requirements.

Privacy Policy

We comply with the Data Protection Act and treat the processing of personal data as well as information obtained from third parties with special confidentiality. We respect the right to privacy. We only handle personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided to us with the consent of the third party.