Do you plan to travel abroad and need to insure yourself, but you have no time and you are not up to read all insurance conditions? Get an advice from insurance chatbot. Chatbot communicates with you like a friend, but in case that you need an advice with travel insurance, he change into an insurance agent. He will offer you an insurance package according to the destination. Suffice it to give him all necessary info for insurance calculation and he will redirect you to insurance company web only in case that you need to fill up the personal data and to pay the insurance. After you arrange the policy, chatbot will send you insurance card into the chat application to have it always at disposal. chatBDoes it looks like a science fiction? No, this is a reality and the future of the communication. Future which brings cost savings, makes communication more effective and last but not least brings bigger comfort and service availability for your clients. Chatbots in Slovakia are only starting to be a part of our everyday lives, but It is only the matter of time, when they will become its inseparable part. Worldwide statistics point to constantly increasing trend in using of chat applications. If you wanna be at the same place where your clients spend most of their time, the chatbot is a perfect solution how to get closer to them. What is actually the chatbot? It is an intelligent application which is able to communicate with us through the chat. It is able to connect to existing internal or external systems - get an information and accordingly answer to the client or to save obtained relevant marketing information.

Benefits for users:

  • Everything happens in preferred communication channel 24/7 availability.

  • Fast reaction, automatization of the manual activities – autofill forms

  • ChatBot is an assistant always on duty.

Benefits for provider/operator:

  • Next communication channel

  • A possibility to offer services and products in appropriate time and in customers preferred channel – utilization in sales, marketing and customer care

  • Acquiring easily a large number of marketing data – all conversations can be stored and subsequently analyzed Cost savings for customer care service and an automatization of the manual activities

Examples of use:

  • Parking bot help by finding a free parking places, its reservation or payment

  • WienBot Vienna's information bot - info about parking, cultural and social events, tickets reservation, information about documents necessary for something f.e. to get a permanent address

  • H&M chatbot ask you several question about preferred clothing style and accordingly suggest combination of clothes and outfits to the customer

  • SkyScanner bot helps to find cheapest flight tickets and combination of flights

  • KLM selling flight tickets, provide information about the flights and also customer care

  • Bank of America bank account management for better “money habits”

  • Citibank - USA customer care and technical support for internet banking

  • Sweden/Norway – informations about the transactions and account balance

This is of course only few examples of chatbot use . If you are interested in chatbot for different purposes or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.